Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two problems with this video...

So I'm missing my babies like crazy.... but also having a great time in Salt Lake! It's SO weird to only be responsible for myself, to get a real nights sleep and not have any pacifiers, diapers or random gold fish crackers falling out of my purse.

The hospital sits on the edge of the mountain overlooking the whole city. It's beautiful! Today it was snowing like crazy, big, fat snowflakes. The best kind. My dad and I walked to the local coffee shop and sat with our warm drinks and talked without the worry of having anywhere to be. I savored every minute. In the afternoon my mom and I went swimming. The local gym gives free memberships to the caregivers of cancer patients... pretty cool I think.

When I miss the boys, I watch this video, taken Thursday night. Chris was working late and I put the babies to bed myself, with the "help" of Colin.

I've never shared a video on this blog yet, but this one is too yummy not to document!


So- the problems I have with this video....

1. The babies are only 7 months old and ALREADY fooling around and making each other laugh instead of settling down for bed. I thought they wouldn't start doing that until much later.....

2. Everett is pulling to stand!!! This was the first time he's ever done this! Time to lower the cribs....

And duh, these really aren't "problems", they're the things I've dreamed of my boys doing... staying up late talking and laughing with each other..... and being strong enough to pull to stand to see each other better.

And in case you're curious, here's what was going on in the rest of the room:


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