Saturday, October 29, 2011

My mom texted me this morning and said,

"Happy 7 month birthday to the babies!"

Wait.... what is the date?? What day is it even??

OMG, she's right. They are 7 months today.

Good thing my mom remembers stuff like this. Otherwise I'd go day by day and then suddenly realize they're a year older.

Oh how time is zipping by.

So, I scrubbed them clean and lined them up for a picture.

On the move!

My 7 month miracles.


And just so you know, Colin is 2 years and almost 8 months today :-) He's a fantastic big brother and also becoming a big boy.

Just the other day we went to Target, picked up pull-ups, m&m's and jumped feet first into potty training.

The boys love watching him play trains.

By the looks on their faces, Finn and Carter are just plotting how they can get at those trains.... I think we're in trouble by next month :-)

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