Friday, October 14, 2011

T.G.I.F ?

Woohoo, it's Friday! Time to kick back and relax over the weekend!

Unless you're a mom, then you're pretty much never off duty. I still get excited about Fridays though, mostly because it means that Chris will get to be home with us all day Saturday and Sunday. But the same day to day duties that go along with having four young kiddos, are all still there.

This week pretty much kicked our butts. The boys all got a terrible cold, which made sleeping difficult for them, especially the babies. And when the kids aren't sleeping well, we're not sleeping well! One night I swear I got up about twice an hour to try and help sick kiddos get back to sleep. Today the cold finally caught up with me too. Yuck!

This afternoon Colin somehow got a minuscule cut on his finger which bleed just a teeny tiny bit. He was hysterical, wailing, "I need a doctor!" "I need a doctor!"

Then he was all bent out of shape about taking his nap because he said he needed to mow the lawn. "NOW". I told him that although the lawn certainly needed his mowing, it could probably wait a few hours. He wasn't happy with that answer.

He was still feeling under the weather and just seemed to be having a rough Friday. Believe me, I could relate.

Then tonight, as Chris and I were running babies upstairs to bed, I came back down to the basement to find this:

Colin, wearing only my sunglasses, a shirt and his puppy dog slippers- nothing else (a diaper change left unfinished I suppose... it happens with 4 kids... at least in our house it does!). He had his feet up watching t.v. and enjoying his drink.

This kid knows it's Friday!

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