Friday, October 7, 2011

Reminder that I'm a boy mom #5

Photo curtesy of Colin

Today I got suckered into mowing the lawn and I am not a mow the lawn kind of girl. Never have been. But I could tell, he was not going to take "no" for an answer.

All morning:

"Mommy, mow lawn???"

"Moooooommmmmyyyy...... mow lawn??" (I should note that every time he says this, he acts as though it's the first time he's presenting the idea and each time says it in a way that conveys, "I've got a brilliant, novel idea!!!")

"Mommy mow LAWN!"

"Mow lawn NOW!" (mad face emerges)

"Wanna mow lawn mommy?" (sweet voice again)

After listening to this all morning, sometime around 3:00 I caved,

"Fine. Let's go." 

Embarrassingly, I had to ask my 2 year old son how to even work the mower. He explained that he wasn't allowed to touch it (due to the blades and all) but he walked me through the steps with his words and exuberant hand motions.

Just as I started he yelled, "Stop!"

"Clean poo poo"

Awesome. Now I get to clean up the dog's poop. Another job I avoid if I can. Colin thought it was the best activity ever. I just sort of feel like I deal with enough poop throughout the day that I shouldn't have to deal with the dogs either.... but I digress.

There we were, me mowing the lawn and Colin following close behind with his own mower and continuous instructions for how I could improve. How lucky I am that he'll correct me if I'm not doing it right :)

He thought it was the greatest thing ever and even stopped to take a picture (I needed proof!). After cleaning up dog poop and mowing, we pulled weeds. Colin showed me what to do.

As I was mowing the lawn, I once again, just like so many times before, thought about how when I was little and pictured being a mom, I didn't really envision this kind of stuff. Somehow I envisioned myself having tea parties, playing house and using an easy bake oven. Maybe I'll still do those activities someday with these boys.....

But for today, it's all about yard work.

Learning as I go.

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Anonymous said...

I love how you are mowing with the lawn-mower backward. :-)