Sunday, October 9, 2011

A new chapter

At first the triplets slept in the basement.

Eventually they made their way up to our bedroom where they've been every since. One baby sleeps in Colin's old crib and the other two sleep in pack n plays. Although I like having my babies close, it's hard having them in our bedroom. For one, there never seems to be an end to the day, when I can walk into my bedroom, close the door and unwind from the day. Instead, we'd tip toe into the room, keep all the lights off and fall asleep listening to the sounds of my babies sleeping. On one hand I love hearing those sweet little baby sounds, but on the other hand, it's caused me to get a very poor nights rest for....well, as far back as I can remember.

Thursday night I was beyond exhausted by the time I quietly crawled into bed. Right on cue one of the babies heard me and woke up. What followed was what you might call, a MOMM moment. Mother Of Multiples Meltdown. No tears, but a lot of over the top statements about how I. CAN'T. GO. ANOTHER. DAY. WITHOUT. SLEEP!!! I'd hit my breaking point. Clearly we needed to figure out out a way for the babies to be out of our room. It was time.

The only problem is we that live in the middle of a city and for us that means small living quarters. Our little Chicago bungalow only has two bedrooms on the top floor. Chris and I and the babies have been in one room and Colin in the other. Until last Friday, we'd never considered putting all the kids together in Colin's room.

I mean, it wouldn't work, right???

The babies would wake up Colin during nap time and in the middle of the night. His room is only 9 x 12 and besides, it was Colin's room first. Colin would be traumatized by the babies encroaching on even more of his space.... right?

But we were desperate to try something. So we did. Friday night Chris and his little helper Colin broke down the crib and pack n plays and moved them into Colin's room. I waited for the meltdown from Colin that I was sure would come.

It didn't.

He was fine about it all. Dare I say he was even excited about the brothers moving in with him.

That night, I had the best nights rest that I've had in as far back as I can remember. The babies slept better too.... practically through the night. It was such a success, that I drove straight to Target on Saturday and bought two more cribs and all the bedding to boot.

Saturday night Everett and Carter both slept almost 12 hours straight. Finn got up just once for a bottle. And I got to walk into our bedroom, actually turn on the lights and the t.v. and read before bed. It was amazing and rejuvenating.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon we offered that Colin could nap in our bed (usually what he always asks to do) because we worried that the babies would wake him since they take a much shorter nap. To my shock he responded, "No. Sleep with babies!" So that's what he did. And you know what? It was fine. The babies woke up and he continued sleeping.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised that the things I often worry the most about, are the very things that more often than not, end up being no big deal. I was SO worried about how Colin would react to the brothers moving in, and yet, he was thrilled and welcoming. I was worried it would be too close quarters but it seems kind of cozy and hey, they're brothers.

I'm thinking this is going to be a good move for all.


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