Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Everett Owen

though a tad blurry, I love this one of you


You were the last one named. I love names with the sound "Ever" in them. I don't know why, just do. But nothing seemed to quite fit. Then one afternoon, Chris and I were looking at the name Everest (yes, that's a name too!) and under, "similar names you might like" was the name Everett. "Hmmm....What about Everett?" I said to Chris. His response was, "I LOVE it". And that was it. We knew we'd found your name.  

Your middle name was easy. We knew that if we had boys, two would have the name of our fathers. You have my father's name, Owen. Fittingly, you look just like him.

You smile not only with your mouth but also with your eyes. Everyone comments on this. 

You have a very distinct cry because it's not so much a cry as a big yell. It's as if you muster up all the energy you have and then in one fell swoop scream, "Ahhh!" Then look around to make sure someone heard you.   

You are a cuddle bug and when I hold you, you wrap your arms around me and hold on tight. I love it.

We jokingly call you Mr. Social because you're always looking to hang out with someone. You love to be held and be a part of the mix.

You are up for anything, anytime, anywhere. You seem just happy to be along for the ride. 

You love to lie around and toot, a.k.a pass gas. I'm sorry but it must be said because it’s sooo true. We’ll all be hanging out and there you are, lying there happy as can be just tootin’ away.

    You are always the last one to bed. Always. A few nights ago, I went to check who was awake and who was asleep. Your brothers were fast asleep and there you were laying in the dark, eyes wide open, and a big smile on your face upon seeing me. Don't tell your brothers but sometimes when I see that you can't sleep, I bring you downstairs for some "special time" with me. We cuddle and watch stupid shows like the Bachelorette. 

You're always the last one up in the morning. Never in too big a hurry to start the day. Just like me!

You love to stretch. This is one of those qualities that have carried over from your time in my belly. In my belly you were always stretching your arms and legs. As a result you took up the most room. It had me slightly worried that you'd be a bully but you are soooooo the opposite. You're just a super sweet, chilled out guy who enjoys a good stretch. 

You'll often crinkle your forehead super inquisitively, as if you're trying to figure something out. Maybe you're trying to figure out if I'm crazy or not.

You seem to have a very laid back, chilled out, "I'm going to enjoy my time here", kind of approach to life. I hope that stays with you.

My chilled out, smiley, cuddly Everett Owen, you bring me insane joy and I'm so thankful for you.

Some more pictures of you that I love:


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