Monday, June 6, 2011

We danced

I almost missed the moment.

It was the end of a long, exhausting day and Colin was up, oh, about two hours past his bedtime.
The babies had finally been fed and the day was finally winding down.

  Chris offered to put Colin to bed and truthfully I was thankful for this because I had a mental plan forming in my head, to eat chocolate chip cookies while vegging out to The Bachelorette (and pumping of course!).  

At the very last minute Colin started crying and saying that tonight he wanted "MOMMA!" to put him to bed. 

In an instant my plan of cookies and mindless reality t.v. was gone and instead I found myself walking upstairs with c to start the bedtime routine- shower, teeth, books, rocking, prayers, bed..... I feared it would take forever.

While showering, c asked for the music to be turned on, so I did.
I watched as he bounced and splashed to the music, still thinking to myself, "How long will this all take...."

Then I grabbed a towel, scooped him up, and the song on the i pod switched. 

"Momma dance", he said.

So we did. 

Ironically and fittingly the song happened to be Brad Paisley's "We Danced"

I held him in my arms as his legs dangled below and his head lay on my shoulder

As we swayed side to side and twirled around and around, I thought about how one day he'll be a grown man and we'll dance together, somewhere, sometime. And I'll remember this.

Dancing around the bathroom, him all wet in his towel with his head on my shoulder and his legs dangling below.  

And to think I almost missed it. 

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