Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some of my favorites

We had these pictures taken just days after the boys came home from the nicu. They were two and a half weeks old. 

Amy Sayre is a wonderful Chicago area photographer and we got tons of amazing pictures from her. So basically, get ready to see lots of pictures of the boys on this blog over many posts to come!


The babies had been separated pretty much since their births. They were separated in the nicu and when they came home, we placed them in separate bassinets. 

Then we laid them next to each other to take photos and they almost immediately linked arms and melted into each other. With each passing minute they seemed to get more and more intertwined.

I watched in awe because they were so peaceful, so comforted by each other, and so clearly connected.

Perhaps remembering.

Prior to this, I'd been slightly obsessed with how to emphasize their individuality and de-emphasize the whole triplet thing. I didn't want them referred to as "The Triplets", was not planning to dress them alike, nor give them matching names. I made it a point to dress them all differently when they finally left the hospital. This may sound silly to some, but I just wanted them to always know, right from the start, "You are each your own, unique, individual, special person". 

However, as I watched these pictures unfold my viewpoint softened and per usual, my kids taught me a new perspective. While watching them melt into one another, linking arms whenever possible, I realized that yes, they are each individuals, but being a triplet and sharing a womb with two other people, is something so very special. It's an experience and a bond which should never be diminished but rather treasured.

I now realize that fostering what makes each of them uniquely special and honoring the bond of triplets can coexist harmoniously. I haven't a clue how to do that but somehow the voice inside me assures,
"They'll teach you."

Hold on tight

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