Sunday, May 22, 2011

Off to the park

***Written last Thursday then forgot to post :)

Colin, thanks to Grandma's help you and I got to sneak off to the park today. Safe to say, we were both itching to get out of the cave for a bit! You expressed this by starting to throw all the pillows off the couch narrowly missing a few brothers and I noticed that glint of impatience creeping into my voice as I tried to stop you. So you climbed into your cute little car and off we went to get some fresh air and mommy/ colin "special time".

You're cracking me up lately with all your new ideas. You used a stick to gas up the car and then climbed in and pretended to turn the key which was followed by a "vroommmmm!" noise. You even made me stop the car so that you could put on your seat belt (as if it's any sort of bumpy ride). Safety first!

As your mommy, it's exciting and so fun to see your imagination really blossom. At the park, you ran straight for the sandbox and we spent our time as cooks making all sorts of yummy food out of sand.

And you're constantly pointing things out to me as if I'm going to think it's the coolest, most amazing thing in the world and be so utterly relieved that you pointed it out or else I would have missed it! Simple things like the plane flying overhead, the truck driving by, or a baby drinking a bottle (JUST LIKE OUR BABIES DO!) transform from simple, everyday occurrences to exciting events!! What an exciting world it is, seen it through the eyes of a two year old.

Then we went home :)

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