Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Off to the park, part two

It was Sunday morning and I was feeling a little brave, maybe a little crazy. On a whim I thought "Why not take all the boys to the park?"

It only took an hour to get ready and actually leave, but that's a whole other story ("Do I have the pacifiers? Do I have blankets? Will they be too hot in their sleepers? Yes, I'll change them. Will they be too cold in the onsies I changed them into? Do I have formula just in case? I can't find my phone. I can't find my wallet. Colin doesn't have shoes. Colin wants Finley's seat. Where's my moby wrap to carry Finn so that colin doesn't have a complete meltdown over not getting Finley's seat? Where's the sunscreen? Colin has shoes but no socks."...... and on and on).

Finally we left and I wish I had a picture! We have a Valco stroller (which by the way is AWESOME and if you have two or more kids you should totally check it out). Colin was on one side and the bassinet attachment on the other side held both Carter and Everett. Finn was wrapped to me.

Off we went.

After a stop to Starbucks we arrived at the park and to my amazement all four boys, including Colin, were asleep! So I sat in silence and sipped my coffee. Glorious!

Then Finn woke up.

Then Everett woke up.

I laid him down on a blanket under a tree and watched with delight, as he and Finn cuddled and stretched. Everett LOVES to stretch! Even when he was in my belly, he was always moving and stretching. Maybe he'll be into yoga when he gets older.

Oh, and over the weekend I also hit up a bar.... with all three babies! Yes that's right. The bar is actually Floyds pub (somehow taking babies to a pub just sounds better than a bar) and we sat outside.... so that's not so bad, right?!  The boys were angels, they must have known mama needed that beer! My first in 10 months! It was goooooooood! And the company was even better, my best friend and her husband.

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