Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear boys,

We've made it 34 weeks! You haven't even stepped into this world and already you're showing people never to count you out.

This morning, I was reflecting back on that night, which at the time felt like my worst nightmare for this pregnancy, unfolding. Your Dad and I prepared ourselves to meet you, look at you and get to know you through the barrier of NICU isolettes. All the doctors told us that would be the likely outcome.

But God had other plans. 

As hopeful as we tried to be, in my heart I never imagined that together we could hold on for over five more weeks, and counting..... 

Your strength and tenacity inspires me already and I can only imagine what you'll be like in this world. There will be no stopping you. 

And I know you have much to teach me, as you've already taught me so much.
 That I can push my body further than I thought, that I endure more that I thought, to have patience (which has never been my strong suit!), to have faith and trust the bigger plan- whatever it may be, and to somehow embrace the unknown. 

This whole pregnancy I've felt that I had to meet each of you in this world to know what your names should be and who's who. 
But this morning it suddenly seemed very clear. 

I know who each one of you is now. 

We can't wait to meet you.... whenever you're ready!

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