Friday, January 28, 2011

Grandma Patty comes to town!

My mother-in-law Patty was kind enough to come visit and help with colin the past two days. What a help! I got to rest a bit knowing that Colin was in excellent, caring hands. Patty is an exquisite play partner! Her stamina for playing with her grandchildren amazes me. She plays with colin for hours on end without once checking her phone, e-mail or turning on the t.v. When she's with her grandchildren, it's truly all about them and it's inspiring to watch (because to be honest, I do sometimes send a text, check my computer or pop on Oprah in the background). 

Needless to say, colin had a blast with her and since grandma stayed overnight, Chris took me out for a steak dinner. And yes, I am a vegetarian, but these boys are sucking me dry! 
(no offense intended little ones. Keep taking what you need to grow big and strong!) 
Seriously, more and more lately, I've been craving high calorie, well balanced meals that sometimes include steak. What can I say? 
Gotta keep my boys happy in the womb so they stay there as long as possible!

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