Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yucky day

Today was a yucky day
I spent all morning working on a statistics assignment for graduate school, while wishing I was playing with c and C
Then we took c to the doctor
On our way there, Chris drove as I feed c a blueberry scone in the back seat and kept handing him his bottle of milk.
Fattening him up for the dreaded weigh-in.
He only gained 2 pounds.
They always say the same thing,
"He needs to gain weight"
OKAY...- I agree. Ideas on how? This boy just is NOT hungry. He picks but doesn't ever chow down.
And then came the vaccines
When c was born, we decided to space out the vaccines. It felt like the right decision at the time.
Maybe it wasn't, maybe it was. I followed my gut.
This doctor, who was not our normal doctor, was also not a fan of spacing vaccines.
I felt chastised for my decision to space. Bullied into "catching up" by injecting him with LOT's of vaccines on this visit.
In the end, he got a bunch (though not as many as the doctor had hoped).
We left, both of us feeling yucky for different reasons.
I felt yucky because I can't seem to help my baby gain weight and because my mommy decisions, made with only the best intentions for my baby, seemed to be chastised.
I'm really just doing my very best I can to keep my baby feed, happy, and healthy.
C left feeling yucky from the shots.
Holding your baby down for shots just sucks. Period.

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