Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Follistim Injection- YIKES!

Well, as it turns out I wasn't so brave after all.

I paced with the needle ready to go for almost an hour before getting the courage to stick myself.

(me prepping)

I'd say to Chris, "Ok, I'm ready"

and he'd count, "1,2,3..."

and then I'd chicken out

Over and over and over....

Finally I did it

Just as Chris was congratulating me and I was celebrating the fact that it was over, Chris noticed that the cartridge of medicine inside the pen said, "Not for human use".


WHAT?! Are you kidding me?!!!

The clinic where we're doing fertility treatments had given us a "free pen" which they said had been given to them by one of their pharmacutical reps

Had we received one meant for rats?? Immediately I imagined the poison I must have injected into me. Not only would it not help me have more babies, but maybe I'd keel over within the hour.

Chris was more measured in his response. He opened up the pen and below "Not for human use", it said that it contained a salt/ saline solution.

So the good news was, it wouldn't kill me.
The bad news was, I'd have to re-load the pen with the real medicine and give myself the shot again!


The second time wasn't as bad

What finally helped me to just go for it, was watching a video of colin's first year, which we made for his first birthday. It starts out with a clip of my tiny, perfect, just one day old little man being placed in my arms at the hospital for a feeding

That was all it took

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