Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Day at the Zoo

LM- taking you to the zoo today was the best! First, we had brunch at Toast. You were so good! Just sat there enjoying your pancakes and sipping out of a big glass of water. At the zoo we saw lot's of animals, plus you took your first ride on the merry go round with Daddy. I turned into a crazy lady watching you take your first ride and enjoy it so much. I was running around with camera in hand and tears in my eyes, alternating taking still photos and video of you. If you were any older, you would have probably been embarrassed of me. But not today! Today, it was just the three of us having a great time together. As we were leaving, we saw President Obama's helicopter fly overhead which I also thought was pretty neat. I think you had a great day because we weren't even out of the parking lot and you were already fast asleep.

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