Sunday, May 16, 2010

New clubs

I went to Toys are Us to buy a sandbox for Colin. I think that I had the same one when I was little... though I remember it being a lot bigger.

While walking up and down the aisles, I saw a set of golf clubs. Soooo cute and only 5 bucks. So I got them, if for no other reason than to show Chris and my brothers, who would appreciate that c is already working on his game.

He LOVES the clubs. In fact, the day we bought the set, he insisted upon carrying a club into home depot when we stopped to get flowers.

Hilarious right? What was not hilarious however, was when he decided to try and bop me in the head with the club. He got quite a kick out of that. And I couldn't help but laugh. So there I am in home depot, my son carrying a golf club, trying to hit me with it, and me laughing while saying, "we don't hit people. no no no..." What a mixed message. I can only imagine what those around us thought.

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