Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's my birthday!

(I wrote this the weekend of february 5th and then forgot to post.... can I blame my forgetfulness on turning another year older? Or maybe it was the chocolate martinis consumed....)
This weekend I turned 33 years old.... not sure what to say about that. I don't feel old per say, it's just that lately when I see someone in their early-mid twenties, they suddenly look very young.

My birthday this year was really phenomenal. Here was the schedule:

Thursday night: My parents arrive from Michigan
Friday morning:
  • Kindermusic with my mom and colin
  • Brunch at Toast- yum!!! Colin slept through breakfast and I got to leisurely enjoy coffee, omelet, hash browns AND a side of pancakes with my parents
  • Haircut
  • Manicure
  • Met my husband for a drink at the local bar down the street. He looked very cute and I felt good too because I'd just had my hair and nails done. Hanging out at the end of the bar with him, sharing drinks, just the two of us reminded me of when we were dating---that was in my TWENTIES- long gone :)
  • My brothers, sister-in-law and all their dogs came over and we ate pizza, drank wine, laughed and laughed and laughed. After dinner my friend and her husband came over to help us celebrate.
  • Date night with my husband!!! Although their were a few snafu's at the restaurant we chose, it was great to be out together. Oh- and I was wearing this:

I thought that my husband had already given me a birthday present when he got me a much needed camera case two weeks ago. In fact he'd stated: "This is your birthday gift".

However, to my absolute surprise, he bought me a beautiful red dress to wear when we went out to dinner.

I don't know why, but I love when he buys me dresses to wear. I guess it makes me feel beautiful and desired. It makes me feel that even though I'm mostly in jeans, sweats and t-shirts lately, that he still sees me as a beautiful woman deserving of a beautiful new dress. It wasn't a dress that I'd have necessarily picked out for myself but I loved it, it fit like a glove and I felt amazing. Out of my stay at home mom sweats and into a red dress! It felt wonderful.

Really what made this birthday so special were those that surrounded me. I LOVE my family. I am blessed to have a terrific husband, adorable son, two wonderful brothers, loving parents and amazing sister-in-laws that I'd want to be friends with even if I'd just met them on the street. I know it all sounds ridiculous and cheesy but its true. Of course, my family isn't perfect and we have our moments when we disappoint each other. However, we really do genuinely like being with one another. There is no group of people I'd rather share the moments of my life with- good or bad.


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