Monday, January 4, 2010

This would never happen to Angelina Jolie

Well, I was GSDing my way through the morning and feeling quite proud of myself. Then, as any good stay at home mom with a baby does mid afternoon, I headed to Target. This is where things went downhill.

As a side note, I wonder why I always spend around $100 dollars at Target no matter what I go in for. Today I went in for paper towels, chicken for my hubby, and a card. I spent 87 dollars.

And they didn't even have chicken.

Somehow while paroosing the Target isles, I found all sorts of items that I hadn't even realized we needed. More undershirts for little c (it was 12 degrees here today), a storage bin (to organize something with), bowls that were on sale, and who knows what else jumped in the cart.

After purchasing my "necessary" items, I headed to my car feeling very good about myself. The day was going so smoothly, I was getting so much done, and I even brushed my hair and put on a cute shirt. Just as I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back for how together I had things, my car keys somehow went flying out of my hand and landed under the car. Not under the car along the edge, but dead center under the car.

So after getting the little man into his car seat, I layed down on my tummy in the parking lot of Target, in 12 degree weather, and wormed my way under there to retrieve the keys. All I could think was, "I bet this doesn't happen to Angelina Jolie".

My previous feelings of pride for being so organized and on top of things completely deflated.

However, when I popped up with keys in hand, I was right next to the little man's window. He thought I was playing peek a boo. I went with it.

Somehow no matter what, he still thinks I'm the greatest. I'm so thankful for this, and I take it in, because I know that one day these sorts of antics will no doubt embarrass him.

One other thing that happened today that I can't quite figure out. About an hour ago, when I picked c up, I felt a bump on his back and when I reached inside his shirt, there was a pacifier stuck half way down. A pacifier was stuck half way down the BACK of his shirt. What???? How did that happen?? And better question, "How long had it been there?"

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