Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Complete Remission!

Just got word that my father's cancer remains in complete remission.

I feel relief, joy, thankfulness.

Every six months, my dad flys back to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, gets poked and prodded and then meets with his doctor to hear if his cancer has returned.

One of the ugliest aspects of multiple myeloma is that although you can achieve complete remission, as of now, there is no actual cure. I hate that part. But I will take complete remission.

My father's doctor is Dr. Tricot. He is a brilliant man who dedicates his time, brain and energy to researching and treating multiple myeloma. I've never met him and yet I feel so indebted to him. I imagine what it'd be like if I ever were to meet him. What would I say? How do you even begin to thank a man who manages to keep your loved one alive? There are no words.

Sure, my dad has great will to live and an enviable positive attitude. But that's just part of it. In order to beat this disease, you need outstanding care. Not only has Dr. Tricot provided the most aggressive, effective treatment possible, but he does it in a caring and compassionate manner.

I'm just so thankful that somehow, through a series of coincidence, guidance, and fate, we found Dr. Tricot. I pray other families who find themselves facing cancer, can also find their Dr. Tricot.

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