Saturday, October 18, 2014


I'm here. Just busy, and I was sick for a few days. I've said before that the hardest part about parenting triplets plus two is when they all get sick. But I may revise this. The hardest might be when Mom is sick, but all the children are healthy and full of energy. I found myself saying things like, "If you go play nicely with each other in the basement and let mommy rest on the couch, I'll give you lollipops...."

Other than that bump in the road, we've been busy doing some fun stuff. The biggest event this week, was that the boys had their last soccer game of the season.

It has been so special to watch them grow through this experience, each in their own way. Finley, who had quietly watched from the sidelines all season, decided to play, for a few minutes, during the last game. He even kicked the ball. I was so proud that in his own way and in his own time, he gave it a go. He was proud of himself too!

Another memory that will stick out in my mind about this season is how whenever one of the boys would score a goal, they'd follow it up by hugging/ tackling each other on the field. They are brothers through and through!

I'll also remember how desperate Owen was to get out there and play with them! My time was spent constantly trying to prevent Owen from rushing the field while trying to watch the game and cheering for the older boys.

Your time will come, Owen. Don't you worry...

Team Michigan! Chris was the coach.

Everett, Colin, Finn, Carter

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