Thursday, July 17, 2014

Strawberry Picking

You'll be happy to know that I have finished 'Orange is the New Black' season two. Thank goodness! Now maybe I can have my life back and start blogging more again!

I exaggerate.... a little. The truth is, there's been a lot going on this summer and by that I mean some hard stuff, which has made me not feel like blogging most days, and so I haven't. But despite that truth, I think that the boys are really enjoying their summer. Everett got his cast off last week (yay!) but while he was still casted, we had to get a bit creative in terms of activities to do with the boys because obviously we had to avoid the beach and swimming (during prime beach and swimming months!)

Strawberry picking was a huge hit and something Everett could easily do with his cast. It warmed my heart because I have fond memories of strawberry picking with my mom and brothers when we were little. After spending a morning in the fields, we'd go home and gorge on fresh strawberries and my mom would make jam. As I got older though, I remember being less thrilled about going, to the point where my mom would ask us to go help her pick strawberries for a few hours and our adolescent/ teenage selves would complain that we didn't feel like it. What brats! Sorry Mom!

But my boys are still little and so strawberry picking is still exciting and new. In fact, as we pulled into the farm, Carter couldn't help himself and exclaimed "Mommy, I'm SO EXCITED!!"

We picked almost 24 pounds that day. They were such good helpers!

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