Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lunch with Mom

My Mom came into town today just to see us and have a belated Mother's Day lunch with me (while the younger boys napped). Only after we'd arrived at the restaurant and I ordered a lemonade, did I realize that I never go out to lunch. I can't even remember the last time I had lunch with any sort of peace and quiet and adult conversation.

It was so nice.

Colin came along too (since he doesn't nap) and he was good as gold. He promptly ordered a huge glass of chocolate milk (something we never have at home) with a straw and so he was happy as could be. It was nice to get special time with him too.

Afterwards we went to Lowes to look at hanging flower baskets and because Colin wanted to pick up wood glue (you know, for making new toys).

It felt so good to get out, have a little break and enjoy time with my Mom and Colin!

Also, the boys caught a frog today.

I felt so bad for him. He hopped into the wrong yard for sure. Mr. Frog went on bike rides and was carried around a whole lot this morning. Finally, the boys suspected that he was getting scared and let him go, in the woods. I've never seen a frog hop away so fast!

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