Friday, March 14, 2014

Where did my baby go?

I dressed Owen today and then remembered a box of shoes that I'd found in the boys closet (all left over from when Colin, Carter, Everett and Finn were younger). So I put a pair of those shoes on Owen, stepped back and looked at my baby, only he didn't look so much like a baby anymore! (Sob sob.....just kidding.... sort of.....)

Clap clap!

Owen, you are growing up so fast and for some reason, today, when I slipped those shoes on you, I noticed it more. True, there was a twinge of sadness that you're growing out of your baby phase but it's mixed in with a whole lot of joy because every day a little more of your personality comes out. And because you look so darn cute in your outfit today.

Lately, you love to clap and wave at people. It is so cute! As much as you love to clap, you hate to nap in your crib! It's really not your fault, we're introducing it pretty late in the game! We'll keep slowly trying to get you comfortable there. In every other regard you are such a go-with-the-flow little man.

Love you buddy!

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