Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meijer, 7:15 pm, Donuts!

Dear Everett,

You were SO BRAVE today!

I took you to get blood work done and truthfully I'd been dreading it! I'd put it off long enough though and so this afternoon I decided to finally get it done. Your brothers waited in the car with Jordyn while we headed into the lab. You were excited to be going somewhere with Mommy alone, but I was a nervous wreck inside. I knew that they needed to take many vials of blood (for allergy testing) and I wasn't sure how you were going to react to a needle in your arm. While we waited, I decided to tell you exactly what was going to happen. That they were going to poke your arm to get some blood, to then send to Dr. Sue.... to help us figure out how to help your body feel better.

Your eyes got big and your ears seemed to perk, but more out of interest it seemed, rather than worry.

"Okay" was all you said.

When it was our turn, you adjusted the toy cars you'd brought so that they all fit into your right arm and hand. Then with your other hand, you grabbed my hand tight.

I prayed that my own worry didn't spill over to you.

The phlebotomist Tom, instructed me to hold you on my lap with my legs wrapped over your legs. He said that sometimes kids kick and flail their arms and if so I was just to hold you down tight.

My heart was POUNDING with nerves. For one, I myself hate needles and often have to lay down to get blood drawn so that I don't pass out! But two, and more importantly I didn't want to have to hold you down for a blood draw. I didn't want to see you scared.

Just as Tom was getting the needle ready, I blurted out, "AFTER THIS WE'LL GO GET DONUTS!!" (Something we almost never do)

Then the needle plunged into your arm and you........ just watched. You were very interested..... but not scared. The staff was amazed! As Tom kept filling vial after vial, you just watched, calm as can be.

Afterward, when we got in the car, you proudly showed your brothers your band aid.

And then you reminded me that we needed to go get donuts!! hahahaha. Touche little man! We needed to make that happen!

So that's why tonight, during the period that's usually bath time, we found ourselves at Meijer, standing by the bakery, enjoying donuts (Yup, before even paying for them! We couldn't wait). It was all because of you little man!

Also, we are going to figure out this allergy stuff and get you feeling better. Promise.


Also, this morning it snowed! Carter woke up first and came running into our room (followed of course by Finn and Everett). I encouraged them to crawl in bed with me... so that maybe we could get a *little* more sleep. Instead, they ran right for the window and pulled back the blinds. Yesterday, there had been a smidgen of snow and I guess they wanted to check if there was any today.

To my surprise THERE WAS!

A thin layer of white snow covered everything.

They were so excited!!!

And their excitement pulled me out of bed to take this pic:

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