Thursday, July 25, 2013

Go big or go home!

 I recently took Everett for allergy testing. He was so brave! I'm glad that we finally have specific information about what he's allergic to so we can help him feel better. That night I was thinking about what a great kid he is and remembered that I'd written this post for him back in January but had forgotten to hit, "post". So I'll post it now. 

Love this kid.

Our smiley guy

Dear Everett,

I walked by your door tonight, a full hour and a half past your bedtime and heard you whimpering on and off. You weren't demanding to be attended to, but it sounded like you couldn't get comfortable or fall asleep. It's not really your style to scream for help at night.

I couldn't help myself. I opened the door and crept past your brothers who were fast asleep (they scream for help if not!), and sat next to your crib. I could barely see the white of your eyes in the dark but I knew you were watching me. I slipped my hand through the bars and you grabbed hold. Tightly. "I'll sit with you," I whispered.

Everett, you are such a loving boy. You make the people around you feel so good. You have a great, big, outrageous laugh that in turn make us all laugh and fill with joy. You pause to give great big hugs in the middle of building towers and racing cars, as if to say, "Just because."

You like to sneak up behind me when I'm sitting on the floor, throw your arms wildly around my neck and start laughing (as if I won't know who it is).

But I know it's you. I'll always know your hugs and I'll always know your laugh. There's no mistaking either.

There's an intensity about you. "Go big or go home!" could be your motto. You're unafraid so much of the time. You march into Sunday school as if you own the place, casually waving 'goodbye' to us. You warm up to new people the fastest. You try whatever you see big brother Colin doing even if we think you're too little.... and you often succeed at whatever you're attempting! You are determined. If you don't want to wear a coat, well then, good luck to anyone trying to get a coat on you! If you want the apple up on the kitchen counter, well then, you WILL find a way to climb up there and get it. And you'll probably leave a trail.

You love big. Big laugh, big heart, big hugs. We are so lucky to get to experience you as a son and tonight as I sit holding your hand through the crib bar, watching you slowly drift off to sleep, it's all I can think about.

I love being your mom.

Everett on Colin's bike last weekend. My 5 lb. baby looks so big in this picture.

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