Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bath time!

Dear Owen,

We gave you a bath tonight in your new delux bath tub which was a gift. It even has a sprayer and you enjoyed it much more than the baths we were giving you in the sink!

Your brothers helped. At first it was just me and Carter bathing you and to be honest, I couldn't figure out how to get the pump/ shower sprayer to work. I had the directions laid out but I just couldn't figure it out!

Then Colin walked in and I was so relieved!

I knew he'd figure it out.

And he did.

Then he wanted to spray you too.

Next Finn strolled in and before you know it all your brothers were there wanting turns to help bathe you.

You are so loved.

When you got out of the bath, I wrapped you up in a big towel and we sat by the window rocking for a while. You were so awake and alert and seemed to look at me like you get it. You know I'm your mamma and you seem quite content with that.

Then you fell asleep against my chest, still wrapped up in your towel.

We love you so much little man.

I love getting to know your likes and dislikes and watching your personality slowly emerge.

P.S. Bathing one baby with this bath system, seems much easier than bathing the triplets ever was!

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