Thursday, May 23, 2013

Preschool party and one year ago today....

Today, Colin had his preschool party to celebrate the last day of school. His teacher set up fun activities to do and families could come and participate. I asked Colin if he wanted just me to go with him or his brothers too. Bringing his brothers would certainly add an element of chaos. 

"I want my brothers to go too!"

He was adamant.

So we all went! 

It was a little chaotic to have three two-year-olds running around a preschool classroom, but they were very good. Colin was so proud to show them the ropes. He also loved that our nanny Jordyn could come with us as she is such an important part of his life too. 


Today also marks one year since we moved to Holland, MI. 

If you'd told me one year ago as we were in the thick of moving, that this year I'd be waiting to welcome our fifth son.... I would have had a hard time believing it! 

But here we are!

38 weeks!


Ella Ralph said...

Gosh you have such a lovely neat bump! I'll bet the end of this pregnancy feels like a breeze compared to carrying triplets! :-) congrats on the birth of Owen! x

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