Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grandmother in the house!

Last week we made a day trip to my parents' house, to spend time with my grandmother (the boys great-grandmother!) and my Uncle Dave. It was a wonderful day! My grandmother lives in Pennsylvania and doesn't travel as much anymore but I am SO appreciative and thankful that she made the trip up to Michigan! It was wonderful to catch up with her in person and spend time with my uncle too. The day went by quickly but we soaked in every minute together!

Grandmother had met Colin when he was around 17 months old but she'd never met the triplets. 

Finn immediately made himself right at home on her nap. He knows a good cuddlier when he sees one! Seriously, he stayed there for about 30 minutes, not caring to move at all. 

Colin, chillin' with his breakfast bagel. He too warmed up to Grandmother quickly. He especially loved bringing her toys. 

Lots of toys.

One of my favorite memories of this day was when everyone was gathered around the piano.  

My grandmother is a wonderful pianist and so many of my own memories with her include listening to her play the piano and playing duets with her. Her love of the piano was a big reason why I got into it too.

She can't see well enough to read music anymore but she can still play beautifully, all from memory. 

While I thought it was adorable that they were all so interested in the piano, my mind couldn't help but wander to, "omg, piano lessons for all of them would be SO expensive!" haha.

Everett and his spontaneous hugs. He doesn't stay on your lap for long but his hugs are priceless.

Group picture!

While playing outside, Colin decided to bring Grandmother leaves. This is how that game ended up:

She is such sport! 

We are so blessed to have our 92 year old grandmother in our lives! It was such a blessing to be able to spend the day with her and introduce her to the boys. 

They all loved her, of course.

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