Monday, July 30, 2012

16 months!

Carter, Finley, Everett

The babies turned 16 months yesterday and so while they were playing in the sprinkler I tried to pull them aside to take a few pictures. 

They obliged for a few seconds! Then Carter and Finn were off, but for some reason Everett stayed and was happy to ham it up for the camera.

Such a goofball. 

I like this picture of Chris and his mini-me....our resident blue eyed men!

Later, Finn ended up coming back over and sitting for a picture.  

I like this one of him because it's SO FINN. He often shyly curls his mouth inward and gets this look.... that just kills me every time. 

And then he was off.

Boys, the biggest changes that we've noticed with all of you lately is in the area of communication. You are all pointing and chattering non-stop. Everett, you especially love pointing to everything and hearing us tell you what they are, specially trees. Carter, you call every kind of animal a dog. It's so cute. When we are at the beach, you point to the seagulls and say, "Dog! Dog!" Yet you do know that not every animal is a dog because when I asked you to point to the monkey on the bench, you went right over and pointed to the correct animal! Finn, you continue to say "All done" when you finish a meal (the only one who is polite about letting us know!) You also say, "Bye bye" and I swear sing lines from the song "Old MacDonald", which your big brother is often singing. You all love waving to trucks, cars and anyone else who passes by. 

Seeing you each blossom into little communicators is exciting. Keep growing into your unique little selves! 

You are each so special. 

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