Friday, June 8, 2012

Mom (about to be) on the loose!

Holy moly did this week kick my butt. Here are a few highlights:

I spilled red wine all over our white linen curtains. One of our few "splurge purchases" a few years back. The curtains were laying on the ground waiting to be hung and I somehow managed to drop an entire glass so that it hit almost every panel.

The babies have been SO fussy, having trouble sleeping, clingy, just not themselves. We hired a lovely high-school age young woman to help us for the summer but the kids are.... let's just say... having trouble transitioning. I think the thought bubble above their heads would read, "Who the heck are you and where is our Amelie?!" I know they'll adjust but until then it's been so hard. It breaks my heart to see them so sad and confused.

In a moment when all the kids were needing me and I couldn't immediately grow more arms, Finn managed to climb up on the couch and spill my coffee off a shelve. I thought it was high enough. It wasn't. Luckily it was cold but it went all over the couch. Again, cream linen (obviously these color choices were made pre-kids! haha)

Colin threw up 8 times in the car- and then was fine. Not sure what happened there.

Colin and I went to the Farmer's Market with a huge list and I couldn't buy anything because I'd forgotten cash. Then I came home and realized I had sixty dollars cash in my pocket.

The babies threw my slipper into the bath tub during bath time. I find bath time to be sooo hard to manage alone. It really takes two people, no? Anyone with triplets in agreement??

Lastly, Colin keeps occasionally saying, "Get this guy out of my house!"  in front our new, lovely, young mother's helper. Please God I hope she stays!

We're still adjusting and our week reflects that.

But in the meantime, I am meeting up with three of my dearest friends from my days in the peace corps for a girl's weekend! It's been in the works for about six months. Some of us haven't seen each other in years. Once upon a time we all lived in villages close by each other on the high plateau of Madagascar and now we all have children/ families/ jobs in different parts of the country. I can't wait to catch up with them and laugh while re-telling old peace corps stories over wine.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Shuma, me, Candace and Shelli.... wow.... this almost seems like a lifetime ago now


Kathryn Biel said...

So, totally can't compete with your day-to-day, but happy for your soon to be weekend out. Christine, Gabriela, Devany, Becky and I are meeting in Boston in 2 weeks for a similar weekend. It was a lifetime ago that we were all together in Rich Hall. Glad you moved into my room then. Have an awesome weekend. Start tie dying all your cream linen so the stains don't show, and then the spills look purposeful.

Mama to four little blessings! said...

Thanks Kate! How fun that you get to meet up with those girls, tell them I say "hi". You're right, Rich hall seems a lifetime ago... so glad I meet up with you there!! and then found you again on fb! haha. I love your tie dying idea... if only I was crafty! :)