Saturday, May 19, 2012

Has it really been

almost a week since I posted anything?

This has been a week of goodbyes and right now I'm pretty convinced that goodbyes stink!

We've had goodbye play dates, a last physical therapy session for the trips, a last speech therapy session for Colin, a last music class, my last Mom's group at church.... all of these are activities and people that are so meaningful and important to us. And there are more goodbyes to come. Tonight after we pack and pack and pack, we're going out to dinner with my brother who I've loved living close to for the past five years, and dear friends. We'll go to one of our old stomping grounds.

Even places are hard to say goodbye to. I'll be sad saying goodbye to "the digging park" as Colin has always called our favorite city park because of it's big giant sandbox. I'll miss the city's Whole Foods store and the fact that I can get almost anything there. Oh how I love that place! I'll miss our favorite restaurants, the yoga place I go too, my Zumba class that lets me dance for an hour and forget everything else, our favorite coffee shop and brunch spot. I know we'll come back to visit, but I also know it won't be the same.

Everett at his last PT session, showing off!
Crusin' to our last kindermusic class with flower's for their teacher, Miss Jessica. Colin's been going to this class weekly since he was 6 months old! It has been such a positive experience for our family.
As hard as goodbyes are, I'm getting really excited for this next chapter. I really am! I can't wait to start renovating our new home. I'm excited for that first perfect summer evening when we load the boys up in their choo choo wagon, walk to the beach and watch a great Michigan sunset.

And as I type this there are boxes surrounding me and reminding me to get back to work. Sooo much packing still to do!!

This past week though, Colin and I did get to sneak away for mommy/ colin special time. We went to our favorite cupcake shop and made robot cupcakes. See:

Sweets and robots, two of Colin's current favorite things! We had the best time! Afterward, we learned from Amelie that the babies were still happily sleeping so we snuck into our favorite brunch spot for breakfast.

Just the two of us, juice and pancakes.

Colin also took these pictures at brunch:

Just so ya know.

Now, back to packing....

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