Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chris's birthday was...


I *think* Chris would agree... but either way Colin and I couldn't have had more fun preparing for it!

Chris is an amazing husband, person and father and I wanted his birthday to really show him how much we appreciate him.

Seriously... this is the scene almost everyday when he comes home from work.... his boys excitedly crawling and jumping all over him. He is a great dad, and so tolerant! He deserves a great birthday!

My plan was to have a little family celebration after he got home from work and then Uncle "G" and Lauren agreed to baby sit so Chris and I could have dinner the two of us, something we rarely get to do these days.

So Colin and I spent the day preparing.

We picked out cupcakes from here. YUM!!!!! We really don't get these often enough....

We found a balloon that said "Happy Birthday" and was covered in tools, nails and screws. We picked out two cards, one from the boys and one from me. And even though I tried to steer him toward the sweet "Happy Birthday Daddy" cards, Colin INSISTED on this one:

I'm going to save this card for those moments when I need a little pick me up because it cracks me up every time I see the martini shaker dance.

He was so proud of his choice!

Earlier, just before Chris arrived home from work I glanced over at the presents on the window sill and noticed one that wasn't there before.

"Colin, what's this??"

"It's my present for Daddy."

"What is it?"

"A wipe. I wrap it all by myself."

I hadn't seen him wrap it or place it there but can picture his three year old fingers, carefully cutting the paper and holding it together to place the sticker on top. And then gently placing it on the shelf with the other gifts.

Chris treasured it, as only a parent can.

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