Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year of the leaf blower

This Christmas I have four healthy, happy, sweet little boys, wearing cute little Christmas Eve outfits to boot. 

I could not want for anything more.  

I've always wanted to learn how to make one of these picture collages ..... but it never seems to work out quite right. Today's attempt is courtesy of photoshop elements, but I think it will take me a while to get the hang of it.... I'm not very computer savvy with these types of things.... anyhoo, a goal for the New Year!
"Please bring me a leaf blower... I've been so good"

Warning: LOT'S of pictures in this post! I use my blog in large part as a container of memories, for myself and especially for my children to one day go through. This year, I got a new lens. Previously I've mostly just used the one that came with my camera so this was really a splurge! It also meant that I was reaching for my camera even more than normal! I couldn't help myself.

Things I'll especially remember this year:

Red Christmas booties.

These booties, along with the chubby little hand reaching for them, remind me that the babies will only be babies for a short time. Next year they'll be almost two when Christmas rolls around and I'm sure, not wearing booties.

Chris and I making a midnight run to Toys r Us the night before Christmas Eve. Chris was driving while eating frosted cookies, not the home baked kind, the kind you impulsively buy while waiting in line at Walmart when you know it's going to be a long night. We ate and laughed about how last minute we were about shopping this year. Those people that completed their shopping the day after Thanksgiving?.... yeah, soooo not us! Not this year, and let's be honest, maybe not ever. Truthfully, we had a blast running through the isles picking out toys for our boys and niece. 

My dad, doing fantastic and getting stronger every day.

Chris, assembling Colin's bike at midnight on Christmas Eve (or I guess Christmas day at that point) because I decided it would be sooo much better for Colin to come downstairs to an assembled bike rather than a bike in a box. He's such a sport!

His and her bikes, one for Colin, one for cousin Macy.

The quiet at the end of the day on Christmas Eve- the kids all in bed, presents assembled just right, the fire just starting to peter out, Christmas music still playing softly. For as long as I can remember, this window of time when everything feels calm and still and lit up by candles and Christmas lights, has been my favorite. 

Colin's joy about everything Christmas this year!

"Look, Santa ate the cookies!!!!"

Watching Colin and Macy enjoy Christmas together. 

These two are so fun to watch.
Christmas morning:

The trips, enjoying the excitement but contained!

Colin got a saw from Aunt Madeline and Uncle Kyle and proceeded to open every gift there after with his saw!

I'll also remember how generous our family and friends were to our boys. They are so blessed by the people in their lives. Some even made them adorable, hand made gifts... you know who you are! 

Thank you. 

Singing "Happy Birthday" to baby Jesus. This is an old tradition that got reinstated this year. As the boys grow and get even more excited about all the gifts, I'm finding myself looking for additional ways to help reinforce to the boys what Christmas is really all about. This was one of the things we did this year to help us re-focus after a morning of unwrapping!

And yes, Santa did bring Colin a leaf blower. 

Turns out it's also good at keeping babies at bay. 

Hmmm.... maybe this was his plan all along???

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