Sunday, May 15, 2011

Date Night!

Chris and I had a great time visiting our favorite neighborhood restaurant last night.

However, there were some striking differences I couldn't help but notice, between a Saturday night out before we had kids, and a Saturday night out now that we have four under two and a half years.

Before, I'd put on my make-up while sipping a glass of Cabernet wine and listening to music. Last night, I put on my make-up while wearing my stylish medela pump and go back pack, so I could pump the boys dinner before leaving. Instead of music, I listened to the wahhh, wehhh, wahhh, wehhh, wahhh, wehhh noise of the machine. If you've ever pumped, you know that sound all to well. 

Drying and styling my hair is nixed to tend to a baby that needs cuddling. Easy choice!

Before, if there wasn't a dinner reservation available until 10 p.m. or even later, that was no problem. We rarely made it out before 9 p.m. Last night, our reservation was for 5:30! Even worse, we showed up at 5:15, were the first people there and waited while the staff was still setting the tables and sweeping the floors. 

We were home well before 8:00 p.m because unlike our old life where we could sleep until noon, babies needed to be fed through the night and Colin would be up at 7 a.m. like always. 

Still, those two hours spent sipping wine, eating great food and discussing our future with our boys over candlelight was fabulous! Even if it was still light outside and barely dinnertime. 

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