Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nap time!

Today the boys fell asleep together for the first time. Usually they sleep in their own little bassinets. As soon as they were laying next to each other, they almost immediately linked arms, snuggled in tight, and fell sound asleep. It was as if they missed each other and enjoyed being close again. 

(Actually, I just laid them down together next to me now, so that I could write this and they're linking arms again!) 
This multiples stuff is fascinating. 

From now on, we'll be sure to give them plenty of snuggle time together!

So this afternoon, instead of placing them back in their individual bassinets, I placed them all in a crib we have set up in our bedroom so that they could continue resting together and I could try and get Colin down for his nap. 
Well, guess where Colin wanted to sleep??

Obviously I'm not to going to leave him alone to nap with his newborn brothers, but I loved that he wanted to hang with them. So I let him climb in, grabbed the camera, and started snapping away.

As I was taking pictures, Colin turned to look at Everett, who was also looking at him. Colin kept touching his little fingers and looking and looking.....

And then, I heard it.

"Luv oo"

Never mind the tantrum that occurred when I told Colin it was time to get out of the crib for his nap, that sweet moment between brothers will stand out in my mind forever. 

***Special thanks to Amy Sayre,, who came to take pictures of our boys this morning! I can't wait to see and post pictures from our session together in a future post!

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