Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day

On Christmas day we made the drive from South Bend, IN up to Grand Blanc, MI to spend time with my side of the family. Since I'd found the battery charger for my camera, I was able to capture some pics.

I love the feel of my parents home around Christmas (actually I ALWAYS love the feel of home but it seems especially welcoming and cozy this time of year). The stockings were hung, filled and just waiting for the little ones to storm them. I was so touched when I saw three wee little stockings hanging, obviously for each of the triplets. Each stocking had a single newborn pacifier in it.

My handsome husband sitting by the fire.

Yay! Just what every toddler needs! A real toolbox to keep all his tools in! Given by Pop-Pop who's looking on in the background.

Posted by PicasaColin and his drill (one of many he got this Christmas). If you need any construction done, you know who to call.

Future contractor (and/or hoarder of tools)

Fist bumping with cousin Macy. Macy will have 4 boy cousins all around her same age! This girl is going to be one tough cookie.

Here are a few things I'll remember most about this Christmas:

Colin "getting it" about how to open gifts. He tore into that first gift like it was his 100th Christmas and he knew the drill.

Colin singing his heart out to Silent Night at church. He doesn't know ANY of the words, but he sang as if he did.

This was the Christmas of construction tools for Colin- and he couldn't be happier about it.

Colin's joy.

Gratitude for the gifts addressed, "To: The triplets" or as my brother kyle says, "To: The trips". My sister in law Madeline even made a schedule book for the babies so that we can keep track of who does what when. It was so incredibly thoughtful because I know it took such time to create. Also, one thing less on my To Do list before the babies come. Yes!

Overall just feeling such contentment and gratitude. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful son, and 3 more sons on the way. And we have such wonderful, supportive families that make us feel like just maybe we can actually do this.

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