Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flutter in my belly

Today, little c and I were settled in for our
afternoon nap, and I was laying on my right side, just drifting off when I felt it.
A distinct kick in my lower right abdomen.
It was so real that I swore colin must have accidentally kicked me but I looked and his feet were nowhere near my belly.
Then it happened again.
It was one of the babies!!
I put my hand over the spot and waited to feel more. I felt one more little "swoosh" and then all was still. I wanted to say, "Come back, do it again!"
With colin, his placenta attached across the front of my uterus. Apparently this is pretty uncommon and one of the "side effects" if you will, is that you don't feel your baby kick and move as much. It's like having a pillow between you and your baby. Towards the end I sure felt him moving, stretching and kicking on my sides but I missed getting to feel the little kicks early on.

To the little babies in my belly: this is YOUR home for however long you need it. Move around, stretch out, kick, get comfy. Grow as big and strong as you can get. I'll adjust.
I'm so thankful for each of you and honored to get to be the one who carries you on this journey to life.

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