Friday, June 25, 2010

Let the vacation......


Last summer, c was only 5 months old when we came here to Long Beach, IN for vacation. He'd sit in his bumbo and stick his toes in the sand, happy to watch whatever we were doing. Now, less than a year later, it's a whole different ball game! He's so into playing in the sand and splashing in water, that I was excited to see his reaction when he first saw the seemingly never ending beach and water. Soon after arriving today, we walked across the street and made our way down to the beach. His eyes were big as saucers. We put him down in the sand and he gestured for his sand toys. "Yes King!" He was excited but I also saw a little trepidation.... not so sure about actually getting in the lake yet. It will be interesting to see how this changes by the end of the week.

My goal is take lots of pictures this week. I want to practice so that I can get better at this photography stuff.... ugh.... not so easy as it turns out....

Chris is taking the train here after work. I can't wait until we're together, sitting on the front balcony, sipping a glass of wine!


Ahhhh vacation.... drink it in!

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